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Marrakech Sweet Travel

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Our priority is to make tourism an element of sustainable development, our excellent knowledge of the culture and expectations of our customers is the best guarantee of quality products, meeting the international standards and adapted to our travelers around the world.

We are committed to maintaining ethical and ongoing commercial relations with our suppliers and partners in order to guarantee the quality of our services and our products and to ensure that local populations are the first to benefit from the growth of the tourism sector.

For this we commit ourselves to :

- Work as much as possible with local service providers and local staff.

- Do not put pressure on our suppliers in order not to break prices in the market by obliging them to reduce their revenues to the detriment of the quality of their services.

- Pay the fair price for the right service to guarantee a good quality price stay.

- Work with service providers who meet strict criteria in terms of quality of infrastructure and services, training of personnel, comfort,safety, cleanliness of catering and professionalism of the guides.

- Maintain ethical, honest and ongoing relationships with our partners and suppliers, so that trust and respect for the rules of ethics are definitely present in the tourism sector.

- Abide by the rules of absolute transparency with our partners.

- Integrate with the environment, culture and lifestyles of the local populations.

- Work as much as possible only with providers and partners respecting the same rules and principles.

- Regularly monitor our partners and suppliers to ensure that they comply with these same rules and ethical principles.

Thanks to these agreements, we can offer you very competitive prices without lowering the quality of our products and services. Marrakech Sweet Travel : a travel agency in Morocco that meets your needs and guarantees you hotels Cost and stays in morocco.