Terms of Sales

Terms And Conditions

Overview :

Our Conditions of Sale are applicable in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of Moroccan Law defining the conditions for the exercise of activities relating to governing the organization of Travel, Accommodations, Tours, Events and Activities. The service order is reserved for users who have read and accepted the Terms of Sale.

Our conditions of sale are appended to the requests of and the invoices can be reviewed on our website. The text of said documents can also be requested from the Home Office of the Company.

Offer Validity Period

Our service offerings are subject to availability. The request for registration and our descriptions constitute the Offer which will remain valid for 24 hours after Receipt. No Acceptance after 24 hours invalidates the Offer.

Prices are expressed in Euro's per person based on the current Exchange Rate. These prices Do Not include Government taxes, Supplementary Insurance to our Civil Liability airport taxes, visa fee's, or penalties incurred as a result of the Breach of the Law, nor any service not expressly included in the Registration Document.


The Registration becomes effective if signature is provided within 24 hours of the Offer along with a deposit equal to 30 per cent of the total cost. The balance of the charges will be due at least 30 days before departure. Failure to remit the balance due before 30 days may result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

About Us

We are based in Marrakech with more than 14 years of experience in the tourism sector. Marrakech Sweet Travel presents a variety of short term and extended time tours from which you will see and feel the beauty and charm of this exotic locale. Our wide experience and professional staff will allow you to most fully appreciate the often breathtaking splendor of the Sahara as well as the sociable comforts and pleasures of Moroccan life.